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Free Delivery On UK Orders Over £25
Free Delivery On UK Orders Over £25

Why Grain Free Pet Food?

Why go grain free?

Here at Devoted we make all our pet food without any added grains whatsoever. So that means that our cat, dog and puppy foods are all completely grain-free. And for very good reason...

It’s simple really…

Cats and dogs are carnivores. That’s it, that’s the reason that you should go grain free.
Our beloved canine and feline friends were made to eat meat, not grains. Their bodies simply aren’t designed to digest grains, so when they’re forced to it can cause a whole host of problems.
These problems range from itchy skin and dull coats to poor digestive health, obesity, eye, teeth and gum issues. A diet including considerable amounts of grain can also have a detrimental effect on your cat or dog’s energy levels.
This is because grain based foods don’t contain the nutrients that they need to live a healthy and active life.

Pet Allergies

Did you know that some grains have been linked with canine and feline allergies?
Gluten is a common allergen not only for humans, but also for dogs and cats, and grains such as corn, wheat and rice all contain gluten, and many cat and dog foods contain lots of these grains.
Some of the signs that your cat or dog is having a bad reaction to the grains in their food include upset tummies, constipation and diarrhoea, skin and coat irritation, ear infections, and a wide variety of other health issues.
If your dog experiences any of these symptoms, of course the first thing you should do is consult your vet but usually a grain-free diet can help to eradicate these symptoms if they are on-going. And even dogs without allergies will benefit from a grain free diet that has been formulated specifically to meet their natural nutritional needs.