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Free Delivery On UK Orders Over £25
Free Delivery On UK Orders Over £25

About Devoted

Wholesome, delicious and packed with nutritional benefits.

Our foods are tasty and hypoallergenic and suitable even for dogs and cats with sensitive digestions. They are highly digestible because of their freshly prepared meats.
Tailored specifically for each animal our foods work in harmony with your pet’s natural dietary and energy needs. Our dog food recipes all contain 60% meat content, and 40% antioxidant-rich vegetables, fruits and botanicals, with supplements for healthy joints and digestion. Our puppy food contains 70% nutritious meat ingredients, making it is highly digestible for young dogs, and our cat food contains a huge 90% meat content.


Devoted is a family-run business, founded in 2012 by Tom Kibble and now jointly run by Tom and his sister, Laura. They chose the company name as they kept coming back to the word ‘devoted’ as the most appropriate description for the bond between a pet and its owner. They felt that it summed up their devotion to their own pets and animals everywhere.

Tom and Laura grew up with animals as part of their family and learned from an early age the importance of feeding them well. They discovered that rapeseed oil has ten times more Omega 3 than extra virgin olive oil and by adding a little to their dog’s food it gave him a very shiny coat and kept him healthy.
Before launching Devoted Pet Foods Tom owned an oil seed crushing plant that produced cold pressed rapeseed oil. The oil was sold to the equestrian market as a horse supplement, and the by-product of pressed rapeseed, which is called rapemeal and contains high Omega levels, was sold as animal feed.
At a meeting in 2012 with a horse and dog food manufacturer Tom was shocked to learn of the dog food’s high grain and low meat content. This led him to research the pet food market in more depth and he discovered that most dog foods contain high levels of bulking products, such as wheat.
Dogs do not possess the enzyme to break down these grains and that is why so many suffer with digestion and skin problems. Not liking what he found Tom realised that there was a gap in the market for genuinely premium grain free dog food.

At that moment Tom decided he had to do something to fill this gap. He took the plunge and spent the next three years working in online dog food sales to build his knowledge of the dog food market and research exactly what dogs need in their diets. He talked to breeders in order to gain an in-depth knowledge of the dietary requirements of different breeds whilst fine-tuning his own grain-free dog food recipes.

Whilst Tom was doing his research and developing his own healthy dog food recipes his younger sister, Laura, was working as a digital manager in IT. She had been advising Tom along the way and decided to officially join the Devoted team in 2014. From that point Laura took responsibility for Devoted’s marketing and digital strategy, prior to the launch of their first products in May 2014.
Both Tom and Laura agreed from the start that the most important thing when designing their pet food recipes was to use only the finest ingredients, no matter what the price was. They wanted the best for their own pets and knew that other pet owners wanted the best for their animals too.

During their research and from their own personal experience they had learned that a grain-free diet has an incredibly beneficial effect on a dog’s health and well-being. Dogs and cats are carnivores so they can more readily obtain their energy needs from a grain-free diet, especially from a product like Devoted which has a high fresh and dry meat content.

The company launched their dog food range at Interzoo 2014, the world’s biggest pet supplies exhibition, where it immediately proved to be a big hit, receiving orders on the very first day.

Following the success of its dog food range and having received amazing feedback from its customers Devoted went on to launch a food tailored specifically for puppies, and it now offers a cat food range as well.

Devoted now exports to over 16 countries, stretching from Ireland to Japan. Many more countries are also looking to jump on board the Devoted train, having heard how its food is literally changing pets’ lives. And it’s all thanks to the devoted customers who have already joined ‘the movement’ to give pets what they truly deserve.

How do you show your devotion to your pets? Give them Devoted dog, puppy and cat foods and they’ll love you forever.
Because your pets deserve better. At Devoted we love animals, especially cats and dogs, and we want all pets everywhere to be healthy and happy. That’s why we have worked with the UK’s leading pet nutritionists to create balanced, hypoallergenic, easily digestible and delicious dinners for your pooches and kitties.
Devoted pet food is basically love from the inside out. We use only the finest ingredients, including freshly prepared meats, to offer a complete and balanced, nutritional food for your pets.
Free from wheat, gluten, soya or dairy and with no added artificial colours, flavours or preservatives our cat and dog food works in harmony with your pets’ natural energy and dietary needs.
Our foods are also hypoallergenic and suitable even for cats and dogs with sensitive tummies.
We know that providing pets with the right diet from the very beginning is the key to their well-being and that is why we have created the best possible food for cats, dogs and puppies, using only the finest and most biologically appropriate ingredients.
Why give them anything less?